very impressed

I was very impressed with the Q5X RF mics for the players on the field!

— Bob Eisenstaedt, ESPN Technical manager


I’ve used two Quantum QT256 wireless systems on the second season of Lifetime’s TV series Wild Card. They were invaluable on our lead actors due to wardrobe and personal preferences. These units are the size of a Zippo lighter and can hide under the scimpiest of costume. Their sound is open and natural; very “boom-like ” Excellent compliment to the rest of my sound package.



— Rick Penn C.A.S., PENNTRAXX INC. Location Film Sound Services

worked great, sounded awesome

Gear worked great, sounded awesome.  I foresee PlayerMics in all our futures… (Gridiron Classic Game)

— Michele McKenzie, Freelance Sound Engineer


We used these transmitters on the East-West Shrine Game, and they were awesome. At first we were skeptical, because they were so small. We put them in the quarterback and the runningback’s pads. The players didn’t even know the transmitters were on them. The sound we got back was great.

— Mike Grignon, ESPN Freelance RF Tech

exceptional overall reliability

To date, the QT-256 has risen to advanced levels meeting improved transmit/reception distances, increased fidelity, and exceptional overall reliability including the length of transmitting the rechargeable battery life promises. Enabling installation and applications that never before have been possible in athlete user sized RF transmitters under game conditions and league application guidelines, we continue to make great use and credit the designers and the unique packaging of the QT-256.Its ease of use and flexibility in our varying arena of sports application uses enable us to move ahead as leaders in television sports technology users.

— Ron Scalise, ESPN Remote Operation Audio Production

impressive device

I had the opportunity to use Quantum5X RF mikes on a documentary I was working on for the National Hockey League. The Q5X transmitters are smaller and lighter than any other transmitter I have ever used and they are already being used by NHL refs and NBA players for their live broadcasts. So when it came time to mike each of the linesmen and referees for our documentary, they were happy to wear the Q5X transmitter. They knew its small size and light weight would not affect their ability to do their job on the ice.

The Q5X system seems to be well-suited for professional sports. I had no problem with the rechargeable battery lasting the entire game and the range was impressive even though I was working off battery power without the benefit of an antenna booster. Additionally, its small size and its resistance to moisture make it an interesting alternative where other RF transmitters simply cannot be worn.

All in all, the Quantum5X is an impressive device with enormous potential.


— Gary Oppenheimer, Location Audio Mixer

performed exceptionally well

We have recently trialed the ultra small Q5X AquaMic transmitters on kite-surfers during a competition and these units performed exceptionally well.  We used a QR-2000 receiver with Q5X yagi antennae positioned on the pier with the competitors frequently travelling well outside 350-400m from the RX point.

— Rodney Beuthin, Director, Pink Noise Audio

worked wonderfully

The QT 256 worked wonderfully. They were unobtrusive, easy to use and sounded great. Thanks for all your help. (NBA All-Star Celebrity game)

— Bruce Shapiro, ESPN Freelance Technical Manager

Great product!

I have to tell you, I just got back my QT-256 from a season long rental with the Washington Nationals baseball team and it really stood up to the conditions that a player mic go through over 6 months of use, i.e. tortured.

You have a great product!


— Steve Paino, Total Production Services