Antenna Systems

QTY Yagi

UHF YAGI ANTENNA SYSTEMS Models QTY-665 (665.000MHz – 690.000MHz) QTY-690 (690.000MHz – 715.000MHz) QTY-715 (715.000MHz – 740.000MHz) QTY-740 (740.000MHz – 765.000MHz)   These new directional beam antennas provide enhanced signal pick-up designed specifically for the Q5X®Diversity Wireless Systems. The QTY Yagi Antenna systems are available and operate in ranges from 665MHz to 765MHz ranges. The […]

QLA-01 LPDA Shark Fin

The QLA-01 is a Log Periodic Dipole Array Antenna (LPDA) also commonly called a Shark Fin or Batwing antenna. This antenna offers a slightly wider beam width than the Helical antenna, but less forward gain and with a single polarization. This antenna features a glass epoxy body with a right angle BNC (f) connector and a […]

QAD4 Splitter

The QAD4 is a professional UHF narrowband (600-740 MHz) active unity-gain antenna distribution system for 4 receivers. Providing two 1-in, 4-out RF channels, connecting a pair of Yagi or Log periodic or Helical antennas to multiple dual diversity receivers. AC pass-through allows daisy-chain AC hookup. Defeatable antenna power. Metal reinforced chassis with rack mount capability. Includes detachable […]

Helical Antenna

The Q5X Helical Antenna is part of a new generation of antennas that provide greater bandwidth, longer range gain and more flexibility in wireless communications. Unlike the traditional whip antenna, which transmit and receive signals in a single polarization, the helical antenna distributes signals multi-dimensionally. The circular motion of the RF field emitted by the […]