QTY Yagi

QTY Yagi



  • QTY-665 (665.000MHz – 690.000MHz)
  • QTY-690 (690.000MHz – 715.000MHz)
  • QTY-715 (715.000MHz – 740.000MHz)
  • QTY-740 (740.000MHz – 765.000MHz)


These new directional beam antennas provide enhanced signal pick-up designed specifically for the Q5X®Diversity Wireless Systems. The QTY Yagi Antenna systems are available and operate in ranges from 665MHz to 765MHz ranges.

The QTY Yagi antennas feature 6 elements designed to provide 15dBi gain and excellent rejection to interference. The QTY Yagi antennas are constructed out of industrial grade aluminum and come with a stainless steel mounting system capable of providing for any type of installation or attachment.



  • Frequency Range: 665.000MHz-765.000MHz
  • Design Configuration: 6 Element
  • Gain (Typical): 15 dBi
  • Front/Back: 39.3 dB
  • Front/Side: 23.3 dB
  • Beamwidth: 50.0 Deg.
  • Output Connection: BNC
  • Output Impedence: 50 ohms
  • Dimensions: Length (25“) Width (8“)
  • Mounting: VFG Universal Knuckle System(Optional)
  • Net Weight: 1 lb
  • Finish: Black