Multi-Charging Station

The Multi-Charging Station is 5 Volt, 500mA regulated output multi charging station, available in 6,12,18 or 24 Channels. This Charging station comes with adapter cables for use with all Models of the Q5X transmitters.

AX-1 Auxilliary Battery power/charger

This Small, durable aluminum power supply can provide 24 hour battery supply and charging capabilities, perfect for reality shows and long shoots where power may not be available. The AX-1 uses two AA lithium batteries to recharge the onboard QT-256 Lithium battery by connecting inline between the transmitter and the lavalier mic with 4 pin LEMO connectors.

QT-BC256, QT-BC1000 & QT-BC5000 Wall Chargers


QT-FC256, QT-FC1000 & QT-FC5000 Field Chargers