Q5X 2018 Rebate Program

The rebate program is effective on new product purchases from January 1, 2018 until July 31, 2018
Rebates apply when purchasing new Q5X equipment, pair for pair or item for item only
Example, buy 1x Tx and 1x Rx, and submit 1x Tx and 1x Rx for rebate
Some items are rebated in functional pairs, i.e. 1 transmitter plus a matching ENG receiver OR as systems, i.e. dual channel rack + 2 transmitters, etc.
Some items are rebated individually
1Is it on the list and rebateable? Must be fully funtional, no scrap
2Get approval – send completed list to Q5X
3Buy new product from Q5X or dealer
4Send in old product to Q5X – by prepaid shipping or take it to your Q5X dealer
5When you send in the product, receive a cash rebate in 6–8 weeks by way of check
6A Q5X dealer may allow an “instant credit” with the purchase of new gear, equal to the value of the equipment on the rebate list.  Dealer must submit rebate list for Q5X approval.
7Dealers will send the old gear to Q5X for a rebate

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