Wireless Audio Solutions for Film and TV

Q5X has the smallest, toughest, most comfortable, water resistant, cool running, wireless mics on the market. It’s no wonder they are preferred for audio by filmmakers and actors alike.

No Bulge

Size matters, the fact that Q5X transmitters are the smallest available make them that much easier to hide. The last thing you want is a bulge from a body-pack ruining a shot. The QT-300 BeltPack is the world’s smallest broadcast quality wireless mic, roughly the size of two AA batteries, it’s also the toughest of the Q5X transmitters, housed in a solid aluminum case. The QT-300 PlayerMic and QT-5100 PlayerMic are flat, flexible, rubber body packs that were originally developed to be worn comfortably by NBA basketball players. Easy to conceal, they can be tucked into a waistband or taped to the body. The QT-5100 Incognito is a two part wireless mic that can be hidden in a bra, bikini top or in a wig.

Happy Actors

Our Q5X transmitters run cooler than other body packs, and the form factor is unlike anything else out there.  That means, not only are they the easiest radio mics to conceal, they are also the most comfortable.  You end up with talent that is less distracted and happier.  When you are working with high paid professional actors, making them happier is no small feat.  Once they have used tiny Q5X body-packs, they won’t want to go back.

Remote Control

RCAS (Remote Control Audio System), which works with all QT-5100 series transmitter including the QT-5100 PlayerMic and the QT-5100 Incognito, allows you to control settings from the QG-H1 or a PC via an RF control channel.
You can remotely adjust; mic gain, change radio frequency in case of interference, keep an eye on the battery level, and put the radio mic on standby to save battery power when off camera.  This can all be done without the hassle of having to dig through a costume and interrupt shooting.  When working with a large cast, RCAS can vastly simplify management of multiple radio mics.  You can organize transmitters into groups to make bulk changes.  It’s also possible for a large number of radio mics to share fewer receivers by turning on and switching the frequencies of only the on-camera mics.

Rough and Tumble

Q5X transmitters are ideal for stunt work. We originally developed the QT line of radio mics for use in pro sports, so they can be trusted to perform in almost any situation. The rubber case of the QT-300 PlayerMic and QT-5100 PlayerMic has been designed to protect the user in case of a fall or a direct impact. The hard aluminum case of the QT-300 BeltMic has been designed to protect the transmitter.

Singing in the Rain

All of our entire QT line of wireless mics are sweat and splash proof, but if your actors are getting drenched, you need the QT-300 AquaMic or QT-5100 AquaMic tiny, completely submersible wireless mic’s that have proven themselves in; reality TV, sailing, surfing and kiteboarding competitions.

4 to 12 Hours on a Charge

The internal lithium batteries are designed for extreme long life, 4 to 12 hours on a single charge (depending on model and power setting). A great solution for longer shoots is the plug-in battery version of the QT-5100 Incognito. It’s lithium ion battery pack can easily be swapped for an extra 8 to 12 hours.

High Quality Sound

All Q5X transmitters have proprietary companding, are frequency agile in the 525-600 MHz UHF band and provide high quality broadcast audio.

We can help you tailor a wireless audio solution for your film or TV series, Call us at (519) 675-6999 or contact us by email at info@q5x.com.