Wireless Audio Solutions for Reality TV Series

We know that recording sound for Reality TV Shows presents some unique challenges. It’s high pressure, live recording with untrained actors, and since reality shows are heavily driven by dialog, sound capture is critical.

Q5X has flexible wireless solutions with the smallest, toughest audio transmitters and a clever options for remote control.

Size and Comfort

Tight outfits make it difficult to hide body packs. Our line of QT transmitters lead the industry in comfort and concealability, they are all sweat and splash-proof and run much cooler than other wireless mics.

The QT-300 PlayerMic and QT-5100 PlayerMic are flat, flexible, rubber body packs that were originally developed to be worn comfortably by NBA players. They can be tucked into a waistband or taped to the body. If the outfits are skimpy, the QT-5100 Incognito is a two part radio mic that can be concealed in a bra or bikini top. The QT-300 BeltPack is the smallest and toughest, roughly the size of two AA batteries and housed in a solid aluminum case.

Central Control

If the reality show is based in a house, restaurant, workshop or other set location, RCAS (Remote Control Audio System) can vastly simplify management of multiple radio mics. RCAS, which works with the QT-5100 PlayerMic and the QT-5100 Incognito, allows you to control and monitor from a central computer via a custom RF control system.  This system has several huge advantages:

  • All the battery levels can be seen at a glance
  • Mics that are not in use can be remotely put in standby in order to save battery power
  • A large pool of radio mics can share fewer receivers by turning on and switching the frequencies of only the on-camera mics
  • The location of all the participants can be identified based on their closest control gateway
  • In case of radio interference, frequencies can be changed on the fly

Extreme Situations

It’s not unusual for reality show participants to be thrown into some extreme situations, along with their wireless mics. We originally developed the QT line of radio mics for use in pro sports, so they can be trusted to perform in almost any situation. The rubber case of the QT-5100 PlayerMic has been designed to protect the user in case they fall on it or are hit with an impact. If the reality show participants are getting wet, whether playing in the ocean, or being dragged through a swamp, the solution is the QT-5100 AquaMic or QT-300 AquaMic, a completely submersible, waterproof radio mic.

4 to 12 Hours on a Charge

The internal lithium batteries are designed for extreme long life, 4 to 12 hours on a single charge. One version of the QT-5100 Incognito features a plug-in Lithium Ion battery pack that can be swapped quickly, great for shoots that go around the clock.

High Quality Sound

All Q5X transmitters have dual companding, are frequency agile in the 525-600MHz UHF band and provide high quality broadcast audio.

We can help you tailor a wireless audio solution for your reality TV series, Call us at (519) 675-6999 or contact us by email at info@q5x.com.