Wireless Audio Solutions for Sports

For more than a decade we have worked closely with professional sports leagues to develop wireless mics designed specifically for athletes. Q5X systems are in use by the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, CFL, WNBA, and the X-Games, all major networks are using Q5X wireless technology and we have permanent installations in dozens of major stadiums.

Best of Breed

Our body-packs are unlike anything else out there. They are a third the size of conventional transmitters, sweat-resistant, use internal rechargeable batteries (a green, enviromental choice), and they are tough.

The QT-300 BeltMic is the world’s smallest broadcast quality transmitter in a hard aluminum shell. Originally developed in partnership with MLB, the QT-300 is also used for football and ice hockey, and can be hidden in the pads of the players.

The QT-300 AquaMic is the completely submersible version of the QT-300 BeltPack, built for water sports. It has been used for professional surfing and kiteboarding competitions as well as The America’s Cup.

The QT-5100 PlayerMic S was developed for the NBA. It’s the world’s first flexible rubber body-pack and it’s designed to protect the player from injury if they fall on it or take a direct hit.

RCAS (Remote Control Audio System) is a groundbreaking technology that allows all transmitter settings to be controlled remotely by computer or the QG-H1 hand held remote control. Turn the trnsmitter on/off, adjust mic gain, change frequencies, and monitor battery levels on multiple transmitters easily from a distance.  RCAS works with all the QT-5100 Series of transmitters.  Q5X developed RCAS in 2006 for the NBA and it is now the preferred solution for wireless mic management.

4 to 12 Hours on a Charge

The internal lithium batteries of Q5X transmitters are designed for extreme long life, 4 to 12 hours on a single charge.  The rechargeable batteries offer a considerable cost savings and environmentally friendly alternative to disposables.

High Quality Sound

All Q5X transmitters have Q5X proprietary companding, are frequency agile in the 525-600 MHz UHF band and provide high quality broadcast audio.

Player Audio is the Future

By offering high quality audio in a tough package, unobtrusive enough to be used by athletes, our transmitters have revolutionized audio capture for televised sports.  Q5X wireless systems have become the standard in professional sports leagues and are being adopted by colleges and high schools that want to keep their teams up to date with the pros.

Video without meaningful audio is like watching silent films from the 1920’s.

We can help you tailor a wireless audio solution for your televised sports needs, Call us at (519) 675-6999 or contact us by email at info@q5x.com.