Bexel supplies RF Player Microphone Systems to Turner Sports year-round, and at the 2015 All-Star Game, Bexel was the official provider of QT5100 PlayerMics, manufactured by Quantum5X (Q5X). The Player Microphone Systems feature a unique, rubberized, low-profile transmitter housed in a neoprene pouch, which is sewn into a specially designed pocket in a player’s jersey. A wire is run from the transmitter up to the collar of the jersey, where a Countryman B6 lavalier microphone is clipped.

“We are very proud of our arrangement with the NBA and Q5X to be the sole provider of RF Player Mics,” Estroff commented. “As the exclusive distributor, we supplied the NBA with numerous Player Microphone packages for the All-Star Weekend, each containing Quantum5X transmitters, one receiver, and a small handheld remote control. At any time, two transmitters can be in use with the others standing by as back-up if needed.”