For the 2015 NBA All Star week, PWS supplied ENG crews to work with Q5X’s new QT-5100 PlayerMics.

With a smaller footprint than the previous version, Quantum5X’s new remote PlayerMics were custom- designed to enable full remote operation. The remote operation capabilities of the PlayerMics, i.e. power, gain control, and frequency changes, were crucial once the mics and transmitters were on the players because they were off-limits. The transmitters were small enough to be sewn into special pockets of the players’ jerseys and left in place without interfering with the players’ movement.

PWS also supplied their Helical and Domed Helical Antennas. The combination of the two ensured a wider pattern of coverage across the entire court,with inherent circular polarization for improved signal strength.
“We were very happy to be working with the Quantum5X crew once again,” says Jim Van Winkle, general manager, PWS. “They are a terrific group towork with and managing their new, durable PlayerMics was very easy and contributed to the whole event being a huge success for all parties involved.”
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