London, Ontario – The Grand Theatre’s current production of the musical, “Hair”, is benefitting from a surprising addition to the cast – an innovative new microphone developed by local wireless audio solutions company, Quantum5X Systems Inc. The Incognito WigMic™ is the first wireless microphone transmitter designed specifically for use under wigs.
Hair is the first professional theatrical production mic’d entirely using Q5X’s Incognito. Sixteen cast members will wear the advanced wireless transmitter during performances, meeting a challenging demand of the production.
“Hair is known to be one of the most difficult musicals to stage from an audio design perspective” says Deb Harvey, Executive Director of The Grand Theatre, “The brief nude scene requires wireless mics for the vocals but makes hiding traditional body pack transmitters very difficult. The Q5X Incognito WigMic is the perfect invisible solution”.
The two piece design of The Incognito WigMic™ and thin profile make it easy to hide and almost unnoticeable to the actor. As part of Q5X’s Remote Control Audio System (RCAS), all aspects of transmitter operation can be remotely monitored and controlled from a computer interface. The Grand Theatre conducted a small test of the Incognito WigMic during their Christmas production of Cinderella and received glowing reviews from wardrobe director and audio crew. The cast member using the device commented, “I loved it. It was so light I forgot it was there.”
Initially introduced on players at the NBA All-Star Game in 2009, the discreet RCAS transmitter has been thoroughly field tested in world leading sports and theatrical venues. The largest theatrical installation, consisting of 300 mics in the heels of the tap shoes of Radio City Music Hall’s Rockettes, has been in operation for the last three seasons in New York.
“It delights me to create an enhanced experience for performers…, be it actors, dancers or athletes”, says Paul Johnson, CEO, “We believe that the Q5X Incognito WigMic will become a standard and valuable audio tool for theatres everywhere”.
About Quantum5X Systems Inc: Quantum5X Systems Inc. (Q5X®) is an award-winning London, Ontario, Canada corporation that specializes in the creation of leading edge, wireless audio solutions for the broadcast, sports and entertainment sectors. Breakthrough products include the QT-256® the world’s smallest wireless microphone, the QT-1000 PlayerMic® the world’s only rubber, wireless microphone, and the QT-5000™, the world’s first RF remote controlled wireless microphone transmitter. Q5X® clients include ESPN, FOX, Comcast, Turner, Disney, TSN, CTV, CBC, ABC and CBS, as well as MLB, the NHL and the NBA.
About The Grand Theatre: The Grand Theatre is a cultural icon in London, Ontario and is recognized nationally as a cultural leader. The Grand is committed to producing some of the best professional live theatre in Canada and to enriching, engaging, entertaining and transforming the lives of members of its community. With its MainStage, UnderGrand and Theatre for Young Audiences performances, the theatre takes great pride in providing world-class entertainment to London and Southwestern Ontario residents each season from September to May.