Board of Directors of Burbank based Cinema Audio Society honor Quantum5X Systems Inc. with nomination for break though TapshoeMic wireless microphone system.

Quantum5X Systems Inc. (Q5X®) a global leader in innovative wireless microphone systems and technologies has been nominated for a Technical Achievement Award by the membership of the Cinema Audio Society for the development and successful deployment of the Q5X® TapshoeMic
With a decade of technical excellence as a foundation, and a history of making the world’s smallest, most durable, wireless transmitters work in extreme conditions, Q5X® launched the TapshoeMic in 2009 in response to a request from New York based Radio City Music Hall (RCMH). The request was simple… but the solution was complex… help RCMH convey the true sound of tap dancing from the shoe, rather than emulate sounds synthetically, or use stage floor based systems.
“The challenge originally seemed overwhelming” states Allen Kool, Founder and President, “But we had already proven the durability of our core systems in the world of sports, with success… we just had to think outside the box… or in this case, inside the heel.” The result is an integrated wireless transmitter and mic system, controlled remotely by the equally technical Remote Control Audio System (RCAS), completely and seamlessly engineered into the heel of the client’s tap shoe inventory.
According to Paul Johnson, CEO… “When the renowned Rockettes Christmas Spectacular is staged, the world watches, and we simply cannot have any issues with the mechanical installations, the audio fidelity, or remote control… to date, the Q5X® TapshoeMicTM and the Remote Control Audio System (RCAS) have performed nearly as well as the dancers!”
About Quantum5X Systems Inc. (Q5X®)
Quantum5X Systems Inc. is an award winning, wireless audio solutions provider responsible for creating leading edge, wireless audio solutions for global broadcast, sport and entertainment companies. With breakthrough wireless microphone products like the QT 256®, the waterproof QT 256 AquaMic, the QT 1000 PlayerMic® and many others, Quantum5X Systems Inc. counts many leading entertainment and sports enterprises as clients including the NBA, MLB, NFL and Radio City Music Hall. Networks like Fox Sports, NBC, CBS, ESPN, Comcast, Turner and many others consider Q5X® the source for durable, dependable wireless audio technology.