Mic Termination Service

Making Connections

An introduction to Mic Termination

Q5X is a transmitter company. We don’t manufacture microphones so we are microphone brand neutral. We deal with most lavalier mic elements on the market. The key is ensuring the termination/connector mates to the Q5X transmitter you are using. Our transmitters have unique connectors in the market. We use a 1-pin Lemo for the majority of our thin profile transmitters in order to keep the connector thinner than the transmitter. In the case of our IP68 certified AquaMic™ we use a 6-pin waterproof connector that is appropriate for applications where the hardware may be exposed to water. In waterproof applications, we typically suggest using one of the following mics:

• Shure Duraplex
• Voice Technologies VT500 (action or extreme)
• DPA (6060/1, or 4060/1)
• Countryman B3 (with a waterproof cap).

Solutions that meet your needs



$80 US (1-pin)
$120 US (6-pin)
If you already have a mic that you want re-terminated, you can send us your existing mic and we will replace the termination on it.


Q5X Terminated Mic

$250 – $500 US*
Order the mic from us and we
will terminate it with the proper
connection required.
*Total cost depends on cost from OEM


Mic Adapter

$120-$180 US
Buy an adapter and maintain your
microphone compatibility with
your current hardware (Cost may
vary based on connection types)