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Meet the MicCommander

The MicCommander is a handheld device used to control the Q5X series of audio transmitters. We have kept control buttons off the transmitter in favour of safety and water resistance.

The MicCommander allows the user to view, monitor and adjust any Q5X transmitter within the control range.

The transmitter power state ON or OFF, RF power, UHF frequency, microphone muting, mic gain, groups and other operational parameters are remotely configured using the MicCommander without physical access to the transmitter.

The MicCommander can control up to 32 transmitters as a stand-alone device.
USB connectivity allows the MicCommander to be connected to a laptop or PC running Windows 7 and above.

This connection allows the use of the MicControl software to control enhanced features of the transmitters including the ability to name transmitters. Naming transmitters makes it much easier to manage the system, for example instead of looking at a list of serial numbers like 10223 or 20567 you can now name them Player1 or Actor 2 or Joes Mic.

The MicCommander communicates one-to-one with each transmitter and allows access to all necessary settings through a simple interface.