QT-5100 AquaMic


Micro sized transmitter, in an aluminum waterproof, submersible case. With an internal lithium ion rechargeable battery and Lemo connector for a removable lavalier.

  • Belt pack style
  • 8 hr run time @50mW (Regular)
  • 14 hr run time @50mW (Long-Life)
  • RF output range 10 – 100mW
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Completely Submersible

The QT-5100® AquaMic™ is the waterproof version of the Award Winning QT-5100® series of transmitters. The QT-5100® AquaMic™ is completely waterproof, fully submersible, and only a bit larger than the original QT-300® BeltPack.

Trial by Water

Used in reality TV, professional kiteboarding, surfing competitions and America’s Cup Yachting, the QT-5100® AquaMic™ has proven itself in extreme wet environments.

QT-5100® Tech

The QT-5100® AquaMic ™ high quality broadcast audio transmitter has the same reliable electronics and uncompromising quality as the QT-300® Aquamic. The internal lithium battery lasts 8 to 14 hours on a single charge (depending on version and output power). With 3,000 selectable frequencies from 470 MHz to 700 MHz it is ready for the new restricted spectrum. It features Q5X pre-emphasis DCS-QT companding and is comes standard with user selectable RF output power from 10mW to 250mW (regional restrictions apply).


Wall power charger with LEMO connector, 1/4 whip antenna, manual, and Q5X one year warranty. Requires waterproof microphone with matching waterproof 6 pin Lemo connector.

Technical Data

• Dimensions: 62mm x 35mm x 19mm
• Weight: 89g including battery
• RF output power: 10 to 250mW (user selectable, region specific)
• Number of channels: 3,000
• RF frequency range: 470 to 700 MHz
• Switching bandwidth: 75MHz (25 kHz steps)
• Modulation: FM
• Nominal deviation: +/- 40 kHz
• Peak deviation: +/- 54 kHz
• Pre-emphasis: 50 us
• Compander: Q5X DCS-QT
• Signal to Noise: 110dB (A) rms
• Frequency stability: +/- 0.001%
• Spurious Emission: <- 60 dBc
• Total harmonic distortion (THD): 0.3% at nominal deviation
• Frequency response: 50 Hz to 17,000 Hz
NOTE: System frequency response is dependent on the microphone element
• Audio connector: 6 pin waterproof Lemo
• Antenna: 1/4 wave flex
• Battery: Internal Lithium
• Operating time: (Battery) Regular 8 hrs @ 50mW, Long-Life (LL) 14 hrs @ 50mW.
• Operating Temperatures: -10c to +45C
• Approvals: FCC, CE, Industry Canada

All transmitters have 2 Q5X Modes. Choose an additional Mode for Lectro UCR/SRc, Shure UR or Sennheiser HiDyn plus receiver compatibility.