QT-5100 Incognito


Micro-sized transmitter, in a flexible polymer, water-resistant case. Configured as 2 easily concealed components. With a detachable lithium polymer rechargeable battery and Lemo connector for a removable lavalier.

  • Concealable in wigs, bras
  • Detachable battery now available in three size:
    • 4 hr run time @ 50mW (500 mAh Battery)
    • 8 hr run time @ 50mW (1100 mAh Battery)
    • 16 hr run time @ 50mW (2000 mAh Battery)
  • Power output range 10 – 100mW


QT-5100 Incognito – Thin and Concealable

A revolution in concealment. The two piece rubber case of the Incognito can be hidden in wigs, undergarments or in almost any costume or stage prop.  A member of the QT-5100 series, the Incognito has full wireless remote control.

Remote Control Audio System

The QT-5100 Incognito utilizes the RCAS™ (Remote Control Audio System) a revolutionary way to remotely control transmitter settings from a central computer or hand held remote control. The remote functions allow technicians to control; on/off, monitor status and battery level and make on-the-fly adjustments of frequency, mic gain, RF power level, mode and grouping, all wirelessly.

3000 Channels

The QT-5100 Incognito is offered in 3 tuning blocks that span 470 to 700 MHz in 25 kHz steps, with approximately 3000 channels per block.

Divide and Hide

The unique two part design of the QT-5100 Incognito is based on the observation that sometimes it can be easier to hide 2 tiny components rather than 1 small one. The Incognito can be used invisibly in a bra or bikini top. For theatrical productions, it can be balanced on both sides of a wig.

Removable Battery Pack

The external plug-in lithium polymer battery pack can be changed quickly, allowing you to keep shooting for up to 16 hours @ 50mW depending on the battery ordered.

Technical Data

  • Dimensions of transmitter: 47.5mm x 43mm x 10.5mm
  • Weight of transmitter: 29.8g
Battery SizeRuntimeWeightLengthWidthHeight
Small (500 mAh)4 hrs @50mW18.5g43mm29mm10mm
Medium (1000 mAh)8 hrs @50mW30.4g49mm38.5mm10mm
Large (2000 mAh)16 hrs @50mW48.3g58.5mm39mm13.5mm
  • Housing Material: Polymer Case
  • RF output power: 10mW to 100mW (user selectable, country restrictions apply)
  • UHF frequency range 470 to 700 MHz in 3 frequency blocks
  • Tunable bandwith: Varies by frequency block (25 kHz steps)
Frequency BlockChannels
470 - 540 MHz2800
525 - 600 MHz3000
600 - 700 MHz4000
  • Modulation: FM
  • Nominal deviation: +/- 40 KHz
  • Peak deviation: +/- 54 KHz
  • Pre-emphasis: 50 us
  • Compander: Q5X DCS-QT
  • Signal to Noise: 105dB (A) rms
  • Frequency stability: +/- 0.001%
  • Spurious emission: <- 60 dBc
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD): 0.3% at nominal deviation
  • Frequency response: 50 Hz to 17,000 Hz
    • NOTE: System frequency response is dependent on the microphone element
  • Audio connector: 1 pin Lemo
  • Antenna: 1/4 wave UHF and 2.4 GHz
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer Battery Pack
  • Operating time: (Battery) estimated, See Table Below
  • Operating temperatures: -10⁰C to 45⁰C
  • Approvals: FCC, CE, Industry Canada

All Analog transmitters have 2 Q5X Modes. Choose an additional Mode for Lectro UCR/SRc, Shure UR or Sennheiser HiDyn plus receiver compatibility.