Action Audio Apps Inc. and Quantum5X Systems Inc. (Q5X®) have teamed to introduce the first Smartphone enabled App that allows fans in a venue to listen to the player’s interactions on the field.  Action Audio Apps Inc. Proprietary technology provides a unique onsite broadcast for audiences by employing a downloadable App, Wi-Fi technology and strategically placed Q5X® on-field wireless microphones. This cohesive grouping results in a professionally produced broadcast with a mix of live audio and color commentary which allows the spectator to listen in like never before. Action Audio App’s is thrilled to be teamed with Q5X® who manufactures the world’s premier wireless microphone technology.
Smartphone owners are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to keep tabs on sports and entertainment. Action Audio App’s brings the live experience into the 21st century and satisfies the “technology crave”.  Recently, team owners and event promoters have found themselves challenged to entice fans into the stadium as audiences opt more and more for remote viewing.  Action Audio Apps benefits the promoters and fans by providing an enhanced experience that is available only at the live event.  Action Audio App’s also generates incremental revenue through subscriptions, advertiser sponsorship and in venue purchases.  
“Ultimately Action Audio App’s will change the way live events are experienced” said Sebastian Failla, CEO Action Audio Apps, Inc. “We expect that Action Audio Apps’ unique ability to put the audience on the field and behind the scenes, will enhance the customer experience from everywhere in the venue. By providing an explanation of the rules, interviews with players and live on-field audio, we will engender a deeper involvement between the fan, player and event. The beauty of this system is that the benefits are purely incremental to both the audience and the promoter.  It’s a win, win all around”. 
The design of The QT-5000 Playermic TM exclusively used by Action Audio Apps is thin, small and flexible making it easy to hide and almost unnoticeable to the athletes. As part of Q5X’s Remote Control Audio System (RCAS), all aspects of transmitter operation can be remotely monitored and controlled from a computer interface.  Athletes using the devices have commented, “I loved it.  It was so light, I forgot it was there.” Initially introduced on players at the NBA All-Star Game in 2009, the discreet RCAS transmitter has been thoroughly field tested in world leading sports and theatrical venues. The largest theatrical installation, consisting of 300 mics in the heels of the tap shoes of Radio City Music Hall’s Rockettes, has been in operation for the last three seasons in New York.
“I am very excited about this alliance, this technology will enhance enjoyment for the fans as they can now listen to their favorite athlete as well as totally amercing themselves into the game experience.”, says Allen Kool, President & Founder, “We believe that the Q5X Playermics™ will become a standard throughout the sports audio world everywhere”.
About Quantum5X Systems Inc:
Quantum5X Systems Inc. (Q5X®) is an award-winning London, Ontario, Canada corporation that specializes in the creation of leading edge, wireless audio solutions for the broadcast, sports and entertainment sectors. Breakthrough products include the QT-256® the world’s smallest wireless microphone, the QT-1000 PlayerMic® the world’s only rubber, wireless microphone, and the QT-5000™, the world’s first RF remote controlled wireless microphone transmitter. Q5X® clients include ESPN, FOX, Comcast, Turner, Disney, TSN, CTV, CBC, ABC and CBS, as well as MLB, the NHL and the NBA.
About Action Audio Apps, Inc.:
Action Audio Apps is a start up technology / broadcast production company located in Pleasantville, New York. The company specializes in enhancing the spectator’s experience at live events. Through its proprietary technology via smart phone application, it lets you turn your Smartphone, iPhone, or WiFi device into your own personal multi – channel receiver.  This is the “only of its kind’ product. Current focus is on live sporting events to include, boxing, hockey, baseball, soccer, football and basketball.  For more information, please visit our website.