Sports Video Group News
By Dan Daley, Audio Editor
Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Shure has been in business for 95 years, most of that time making microphones ranging from the iconic Model 55 famously caressed by Elvis Presley to the powerful wireless systems now used routinely for broadcast sports. Q5X (né Quantum5X) is considerably younger, founded in 2002 in London, Ontario and known mostly for microphones that they have gone to great lengths to make sure no one can see: a line of transmitters small enough to discretely and safely secure on athletes for NBA, MLB, NHL, and other major leagues’ games used to bring player sound to broadcast sports. Together, this month the two companies announced the fruit of an 18-month collaboration that synergizes the best of both their respective technical talents.

Dubbed the QT-AD10 by Q5X and Axient Digital-Enabled Q5X Wireless Transmitters by Shure — each company will sell the products through their own distribution channels — the new wireless transmitters combine Q5X’s hyper-compact form factors and safety-conscious industrial design with Shure’s widely used Axient Digital RF technology. Axient’s digital operation allows versions of Q5X’s four primary models — the CoachMic, RefMic, PlayerMic, and AquaMic — to function as digital devices, conferring key features of signal encryption and expanded channel density to Q5X’s diminutive dimensions. The combination also allows the use of Q5X’s RCAS (Remote Control Audio System) remote-control functionality, including set up and monitoring: on/off, frequency, mic offset, RF power, groups, and battery level.

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