Game Changer

The smallest, smartest, most rugged, comfortable and convenient
broadcast quality audio transmitters

Built for abuse, season after season

No bulge

Revolutionize the way you work

Remote Control

Control the functions of the transmitter from a distance.


Originally designed for pro athletes, they can take a beating. Aluminum, polymer or flexible rubber case.


Comfortable and easy to hide. The World’s smallest and thinnest broadcast quality audio transmitter. 


The PlayerMic was designed with a flexible rubber case to not injure a player if they take a direct hit or fall on it.

Extemely Long Battery Life

Internal lithium batteries last 4 to 13 hours on a charge. Considerable cost savings compared to disposables.

Not Afraid to Get Wet

Splash-proof / Sweat-proof or fully submersible up to 30ft/10m.


Broadcast audio sound. Frequency agile in the 470-700 MHz UHF band. Q5X, Lectro or Shure companding.



The combination of long battery life, small size and the ability to control functions remotely.

Unique feature within Q5X productsFlexible, rugged, rubber casingWaterproof to 10mRemovable rechargable battery packSmallest volumeLarge, easy-use mute switch
Top feature vs competitorsThinnest profile
(1 piece)
Longest battery lifeThinnest profile
(2 piece)
Smallest volumeRemote control mute override
Key user criteria Safety, comfort and multipurposeDemanding environmental conditions and/or extended usageRapid battery change for quick talent interactionTiny and easily attachedTalent control of mute
Suggested use caseAthletes, theater, location sound, studiosReality TV, water sports, baptisms, buried in groundTheater, TV, film, costumesLocation sound, TV, theater, studiosPresenters, referees, umpires, house of worship
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Unless otherwise noted, all transmitters are: 1) at least splashproof, 2) housed in a durable polymer case that stays cool to the touch, and 3) have an internal lithium battery


Developed for the NBA. The PlayerMic the world’s first flexible rubber bodypack and it’s designed to protect the player from injury if they fall on it or take a direct hit.

  • Flexible, rugged, rubber case
  • Thinnest 1 piece profile of all Q5X transmitters
  • When you need safety, comfort and multipurpose
  • Used for athletes, theater, location sound, studios
Control modeRemoteManual
ModelsRegularShort (S)
Price (USD)$2,495$2,495$1,995
Case materialRubberRubberRubber
Removable belt clipNNN
Lithium battery life (hrs)848
Compatibility modesYYN


  • Waterproof to 10m
  • Longest battery life of Q5X Transmitters
  • When you have Demanding environmental conditions and/or extended usage
  • Used for Reality TV, water sports, baptisms, buried in ground
Control modeRemote
ModelsRegularLong-life (LL)
Price (USD)$2,895 $2,995
Case materialAluminumAluminum
Removable belt clipYY
Lithium battery life (hrs)813
Compatibility modesYY


A revolution in concealment. The two piece rubber case of the Incognito can be hidden in wigs, undergarments or in almost any costume or stage prop.

  • Removable rechargable battery pack
  • Thinnest profile (2 piece)
  • Rapid battery change for quick talent interaction
  • Used for Theater, TV, film, costumes
Control modeRemoteManual
Price (USD)$2,595$1,995
Case materialRubberRubber
Removable belt clipNN
Lithium battery life (hrs)88
Compatibility modesYN


The world’s smallest broadcast quality transmitter.

  • Smallest overall size
  • Tiny and easily attached
  • Used for Location sound, TV, Theater, Studios
Control modeRemote
Price (USD)$2,495
Case materialNylon
Removable belt clipY
Lithium battery life (hrs)8
Compatibility modesY


  • Large, easy-use mute switch
  • Remote control mute override
  • Talent control of mute
  • Used for presenters, referees, umpires, house of worship
Control modeRemote
ModelsRegularHeavy Duty (HD)
Price (USD)$2,795$2,995
Case materialNylonNylon
Removable belt clipYY
Lithium battery life (hrs)88
Compatibility modesYY


Remote Control Audio System

QT-5100 transmitters are part of the RCAS™ (Remote Control Audio System) that allows you to make on-the-fly adjustments to the transmitter functions.

Remotely turn transmitters on and off, change frequencies, RF power levels, mic gain and companding modes, organize transmitters into groups, check their battery level and status and set to storage mode.


Developed for the NBA

RCAS™ technology, developed in 2006 for the NBA, has since become popular in sports arenas and world leading theatrical venues.

Share the Spectrum

By turning on and off groups of transmitters, and changing their frequencies, it is possible to reuse one receiver (and one frequency) with multiple transmitters used at different times in a performance. For Radio City Music Hall, in RF congested New York City, only 80 usable frequencies were available. So 80 two channel receivers are shared by 300 transmitters.


The RCAS™ MicCommander (handheld or network) communicates with the transmitters via a 2.4GHz control channel that will operate through clothing, walls and over long distances.

  • Manage hundreds of transmitters controlled over an entire venue
  • 40m Range
Price (USD)$995$1,195
USB connectedYY
Ethernet connectedY
Battery operatedY


Software used to manage RCAS transmitters by computer

  • Alternative to the MicCommander’s Built-in Controls
  • MicControl software runs on Windows PC
  • No subscription or charge for updates (Included with MicCommander)


For any Q5X transmitter

Rackmount Receiver

Two-channel, dual-diversity, 19″ 1U rack-mount receiver, tunable to 9120 frequencies (QR-2100 WB (Wide Band) tunable to 3000 frequencies). (available in 25kHz blocks from 470 MHz to 700 MHz)

Mobile Receiver

One-channel, dual-diversity, mobile receiver (ENG), tunable to 9120
frequencies. (available in 25kHz blocks from 470 MHz to 700 MHz)

RECEIVERS (for any Q5X transmitter)MobileDual Rack Mount
ModelWideband (WB)
Price (USD)$1,795$3,495
Network controlY
Portable (ENG style)Y
Rack Mount - 1UY


Give us a challenge. We created the PlayerMic at the request of the NBA, we created this TapShoeMic at the request of the Radio City Music Hall. We have created 24h mics on Buoys and mics built into golf hole cups.

If you have a special requirement, let’s talk.

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