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Bring the best bodypacks to the job
Ready for anything, easy to conceal, change settings at a distance

The gear that puts you in demand


Thinnest profile. The flexible, rubber case makes it easy to hide and comfortable to wear. Originally developed to be worn comfortably by NBA basketball players. Can be tucked into a waistband, worn in a strap or taped to the body. 

PlayerMic Info


Extended usage. With a 16 hour battery life option, it can run all day with confidence. No controls on the pack for the talent to “adjust”.  Submersible for water scenes. From the cold North Atlantic to Miami hot tubs, no environment or rough treatment has defeated the AquaMic.

AquaMic Info


Rapid battery change for quick, unobtrusive, talent interaction. Batteries are on an umbilical with a rugged, quick-disconnect. Long battery life. Easy to hide. Can be concealed in a bra or bikini top.

Incognito Info


Tiny. The smallest transmitter on the market. Can be placed anywhere and go unnoticed.

BeltMic Info

Pro Gear for Pros

Long shooting days, and difficult conditions. No problem here.


Easy to conceal
The last thing you want is a bulge from a body-pack ruining a shot. Q5X transmitters are the thinnest available, making them easier to hide. Size matters.

4 to 16 Hours on a charge
You won’t miss a minute of audio. The internal lithium batteries are designed for extreme long life, 4 to 16 hours on a single charge (depending on model and power setting).

High Quality Sound
All Q5X transmitters are frequency agile in the 470-700 MHz UHF band and provide high quality broadcast audio.

Bring it on

Reliability is not an option, it’s a necessity


All Q5X wireless bodypacks are sweat and splash proof. If the talent may end up in the water, the aluminum cased AquaMic is fully waterproof and has survived all the harsh treatment that has been thrown its way.

The flexible rubber case of the PlayerMic was deisgned to protect the user in case of a fall or a direct impact.  The hard nylon case of the BeltMic or aluminum case of the AquaMic were designed to protect the transmitter.  Q5X transmitters are ideal for stunt work.

Season after Season
Durable Q5X transmitters are built to hold up in all conditions, making your investment last.

Happy Actors

Once they have used tiny Q5X bodypacks, they won’t want to go back.


When you are working with high paid professional actors, making them happier is no small feat. If you can give them a smaller, more comfortable option and tell them that you can manage the transmitter remotely without bothering them… you just made a friend.

Small, low-profile Q5X transmitters run cooler than other bodypacks and are easily the most comfortable on the market, which also means that they are less distracting.

No Hassle Remote Control
RCAS equipped transmitters allow you to control settings from a MicCommander or a PC via an RF control channel.  You can remotely adjust mic gain, change radio frequency in case of interference, keep an eye on the battery level, and put the audio transmitter on standby to save battery power when off camera. This can all be done without the hassle of having to dig through a costume, bother the talent or interrupt shooting.

Storage mode
Allows for long-term storage without battery depletion.  Once fully charged, use the remote control to activate storage mode.  A 2 second press of the On/Off button on the transmitter restores it to standby mode.


I’ve used two Q5X wireless systems on Lifetime’s TV series Wild Card. They were invaluable on our lead actors due to wardrobe and personal preferences. These units are the size of a Zippo lighter and can hide under the skimpiest of costume. Their sound is open and natural; very “boom-like ”. Excellent compliment to the rest of my sound package.

Rick Penn C.A.S.
PENNTRAXX INC Location Film Sound Services

It’s night and day. The talent notices the difference in size. I show off my “sports mics” and explain that I will not have to be changing the battery and that I can manage the body-pack from my cart. Everyone loves them.

Reynald Trudel 
Silent Sound

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