Venue Sound


Multipurpose. The most versatile totally sweat proof transmitter . The thin profile makes it comfortable and unnoticeable under wardrobe.

PlayerMic Info


Easy to hide in difficult to reach places, even stitched into wardrobe. Battery and transmitter are attached by an umbilical cord to facilitate spreading the mass and easy battery change.  Three battery sizes, 4 hours, 8 hours and 16 hours.

Incognito Info


Tiny and easily attached. Integrated clip allows for simple placement on presenters (studios, podium or pulpit).

BeltMic Info


Talent control of mute with a large, easy use rocker switch. Ideal for podium, corporate or pulpit.

CoachMic Info


With installations in major theatrical venues and thousands of successful performances. Q5X transmitters are becoming the preferred choice for theater and opera.

  • Can be sewn into costumes
  • Durable, originally intended for pro athletes, transmitters are made to last
  • Mature technology that has been in use for thousands of performances in major theatrical venues
  • Superb audio quality

Venue RCAS (Remote Control Audio System):

  • Transmitters that are not in use can be remotely put in standby in order to save battery power, you can do a full sound check and then power down the whole group of bodypacks until showtime
  • A large pool of bodypack transmitters can share fewer receivers by turning on and switching the frequencies of only the mics on stage at any one time
  • The location of all the actors can be identified based on the closest control gateway
  • Not necessary to bother talent to get at bodypacks buried in a costume
  • In case of radio interference, frequencies can be changed on the fly

When it’s not practical for an audio tech to be in contact with the transmitters, the RCAS™ (Remote Control Audio System™) is indispensable.
When used to manage dozens of transmitters at once,
it’s awe-inspiring.


  • Most comfortable for the talent
  • No wardrobe bulge
  • Improve authenticity by removing the distraction of the transmitter

House of Worship

  • Minister/Priest/Pastor can control their own mute switch, great when no audio tech is available
  • AquaMic is used for full submersion baptisms 

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