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Player Audio is the Future

Q5X transmitters have revolutionized audio capture for televised sports.

Q5X wireless systems have become the standard in professional sports leagues and are being adopted by colleges and high schools that want to keep their teams up to date with the pros.


We will examine your requirements and provide suggestions as to which products you will benefit from the most.

Enhanced audio for Sports

Enhancing fan engagement is the objective, capturing more audio from the field of play, from the players themselves or from the actual field.

Q5X transmitters are the smart, and often, the best choice.

Unlike anything else

Q5X bodypacks are a third of the size of conventional transmitters and sweat-resistant or waterproof.

All Q5X bodypacks use internal rechargeable batteries, and they are TOUGH.

Hear the hits, the humor, and the leadership

PlayerMic and RCAS™ technology was originally designed for the NBA in order to mic players, over 10 years ago.

They were built to be unobtrusive, safe, and not interfere with the game. It is still the only bodypack transmitter allowed by the NBA.

“These transmitters were awesome. At first we were skeptical, because they were so small. We put them in the quarterback and the runningback’s pads. The players didn’t even know the transmitters were on them. The sound we got back was great.”

Mike Grignon

ESPN Freelance RF Tech

“I was very impressed with the Q5X RF mics for the players on the field!”

Bob Eisenstaedt

ESPN Technical manager
“I just got back my BeltMic from a season long rental with the Washington Nationals baseball team and it really stood up to the tortured conditions that a Playermic go through over 6 months of use. You have a great product!”

Steve Paino

Total Production Services
“We used the ultra small Q5X AquaMic transmitters on kite-surfers during a competition and these units performed exceptionally well. We used a QR-2000 receiver with Q5X yagi antennae positioned on the pier with the competitors frequently traveling well outside 350-400m from the RX point.”

Rodney Beuthin, Director

Pink Noise Audio