Sports Audio

Used by the NBA, MLB, NHL, CFL, WNBA + all major Networks

Venue Sound

Live Theater, House of Worship and Studios

Location Sound

Reality TV and FIlM Production

Remote Control

Control the functions of the transmitter from a distance.


Originally designed for pro athletes, they can take a beating. Aluminum, polymer or flexible rubber case.


Comfortable and easy to hide. The World’s smallest and thinnest broadcast quality audio transmitter. 


The PlayerMic was designed with a flexible rubber case to not injure a player if they take a direct hit or fall on it.

Extremely Long Battery Life

Internal lithium batteries last 4 to 16 hours on a charge. Considerable cost savings compared to disposables.

Not Afraid to Get Wet

Splash-proof / Sweat-proof or fully submersible up to 30ft/10m.


Q5X transmitters can be easily and safely sanitized by wiping down with an alcohol based sanitizer.



The combination of long battery life, small size and the ability to control functions remotely.

Down and Dirty: Derby Audio Goes Into the Ground

ESPN will have a fair share of the cameras covering the progress of tonight’s Derby, and its audio coverage is no less impressive. Tasked with bringing the crack of the bat and the feel of a towering home run, technicians have installed an array of microphones in...

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