Computer Software


Monitor & control your transmitter ecosystem


Latest Version:
Released: January 11, 2024

Release Notes
New Features
  • Enabled QT-AD10 UI configuration monitoring and control (form factor dependent)
    • Enable/Disable ON/OFF button.
    • Enable/Disable heartbeat indicator.
    • LED brightness control.
    • Configurable Aux Button functionality.
  • Requesting a device configuration change that is part of an active sort will no longer send the request to an unintended device.
Known Issues
  • UI becomes unstable when viewing many channel strips simultaneously. There is a workaround to improve the performance with high channel counts when using a computer with a dedicated graphics card. Please contact Q5X support for more information.
  • Application may become unstable when sorting many in-view channel strips (100+). Please contact Q5X support for assistance.
  • The application fails to load after the main window, or any of its sub-windows are moved to a secondary screen and then closed while in the secondary screen. This behaviour was observed on a subset of test computers and was not isolated to this specific release. To recover from this situation, disconnect the secondary monitor and re-launch the application. Move or resize the application before closing or before re-connecting the secondary monitor.
  • Exporting an empty session will fail to create an export file.
  • Keyboard navigation in the “Show Configuration” window does not service the “Frequency” and “Cast” Dropdowns correctly.
  • Multiple instances of the application can be created. If this happens, only the first instance will have control of the connected QG device.
  • Changes to a QG’s control channel, made directly on the QG’s UI while connected via USB, do not propagate back to the SW and may cause request for changing the control channel from SW to fail. If this happens, restart the SW or disconnect and reconnect the QG device.
  • Supports QG-H1, QG-H2 and QG-N3 devices connected via USB.
  • Support QG-N3 devices connected via Ethernet.
  • Support Shure Axient AD4Q receivers.
  • MicControl is currently supported on Windows 10 and 11.

QG Update Utility

Manage the firmware on your Q5X gateway products


Latest Version:
Released: December 1, 2021

Release Notes
Bug Fixes
  • Application no longer requires gateway communication drivers to be pre-installed
Known Issues
  • Automatic device discovery is disabled while firmware update is in progress
  • Starting a new firmware update is disabled until all in-progress updates are complete
  • Supports QG-H1, QG-H2 and QG-N3 devices running firmware 1.10.0 or higher
  • QG Update Utility is currently supported on Windows 10

Device Firmware

QT-AD10 Transmitters

Latest firmware for your QT-AD10 devices 


Latest Version: 1.2.58
Released: February 26, 2024

Release Notes
New Features
  • (Shure) Updated band support to include:
    • G53, G54, G55, G57+, G62, G63, H54
    • K53, K54, K58, L60,
    • X51
  • (Shure/Q5X) Added Talk Switch functionality to supporting form factors
  • (Q5X) Added support for configurable UI elements on supporting form factors:
    • Enable/Disable ON/OFF button
    • Enable/Disable heartbeat indicator
    • LED brightness control
    • Configurable Aux Button functionality
  • (Q5X) Improved battery parameter tracking
  • (Q5X) General Improvements
    • To install Q5X firmware on devices:
      1. Download firmware from Shure Update Utility
      2. Connect to the AD4D, AD4Q, or ADX5D receiver, and in the Hosted Tx section, select Q5XTx 1.2.58
      3. Send the update to the receiver
      4. Use IR Sync to update the transmitter firmware
    • AD4D and AD4Q can only host one transmitter firmware image at a time; if you also need to update Axient Digital transmitters, please repeat the above process, but select an ADTx firmware version.
    • To operate this version of Q5X with other Shure systems and software, see the following list of recommended versions:
      • AD4D/Q 1.4.15
      • ADX5D 1.4.15
      • Shure Update Utility 2.8.4

    RCAS Gateways

    Latest firmware for your Q5X gateway devices 


    Latest Version: 1.10.4
    Released: October 15, 2021

    Firmware (Requires QG Update Utility)

    Release Notes
    New Features
    • External applications can now cancel active broadcasts.
    • UI fixes and improvements.
    • Compatible with QG-H1, QG-H2 and QG-N3 gateway devices running firmware version 1.10.0 or higher
    • For devices running firmware version 1.9.5 or lower, please contact Q5X
    • To install firmware on device:
      • Requires QG Update Utility or higher
      • Download firmware package 1.10.3 from Q5X support page
      • Import update into QG Update Utility
      • Connect QG to computer via USB
      • In QG Update Utility, select device and start update