QR-3200 Rack Mount Receiver


Two-channel, wide band, true dual-diversity, 19″ 1U rack-mount receiver, tunable to 9120 frequencies from 470 – 700 MHz.



The  QR-3200 Professional Broadcast, True Diversity, Dual Receiver

The QR-3200, a broadcast quality, 19″ 1U rack mount, true diversity dual receiver in a sturdy metal housing. The QR-3200 receiver has 1000 channel capability in 25kHz steps and is tunable to 9120 frequencies, from 470MHz – 700MHz.  The QR-3200 is designed to work in harmony with the QT-5100 and QT-300 series of wireless bodypacks.

Presently the QR-3200 is being used by such broadcasters as FOX, ESPN, CBS, NBC, and CBC.  It is also used for live entertainment and in recording studios.

Programmable functions include Frequency Up, Down, Menu, Set, Off/On.  The QR-3200 has an easy to read grey and white LCD display and dual headphone jacks, with rear mount antennas.  The QR-3200 is equipped with proprietary Q5X companding, designed to reduce low noise distortion, high frequency overload and noise modulation.