Improved Functionality Provides Sound Engineers Confidence in Performance, Encryption

CHICAGO, May 13, 2020 — As sports broadcasts look to return to live events, bringing the sounds from players, coaches, and game officials to fans watching and listening at home will be more essential than ever.

Finding the right equipment and technology to bring sound to sports fans is critical. Microphones must be discreet enough to pick up the audio without interfering with the game action; the wireless transmitter must be small enough, safe enough, and flexible enough to handle the rigors of up to three continuous hours of in-game activities; and the transmission should have the ability to be encrypted so others can’t access the audio feed from coaches, players, and officials. Sound quality and spectrum efficiency is paramount.

Wireless microphone developer Q5X and Shure, a leader in professional audio solutions, announced a collaboration to combine their expertise to provide superior sound quality and security that today’s sports broadcasts require. Together, Q5X and Shure have developed specialized Axient® Digital-Enabled Q5X Wireless Transmitters that deliver the latest wireless digital technology with unparalleled RF stability, encryption, and spectral efficiency.

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Shure Q5X Axient Digital Press Release